About Bennus Art Institution
Bennus Art Institution was founded in 2015. It is located in the Zone A of the Landmark Diplomatic Apartments Complex in the third embassy district of Beijing. Since its establishment, Bennus Art Institution has devoted itself with professionalism to exploring the development of Chinese contemporary art, promoting the artistic practice of native artists and emphasizing on the support and tapping of young artists. Bennus Art Institution keeps keen observation to capture the new trends in art, and actively participates in art projects at home and abroad. It aims to promote the greatest possible evolution of contemporary art in the context of globalization. At the same time, Bennus Art Institution relies on the finance sector background of Bennus International, its parent company, and the geographical and cultural background of the exhibition space to promote constructive interaction between art activities and art organizations both at home and abroad.
The Garage is an extremely dynamic independent space for art experiment. In adaption to its relatively small space, the Garage presents unconventional types of projects and topples the existing patterns of exhibitions that display finished art works. It presents exhibitions that challenge the authoritativeness of reality, break through the traditional ideas and forms of exhibitions, and even express individual values on certain higher level. The space is dedicated to promoting the upgrading of thinking power of the artists and curators. It provides more possibilities to enhance the diversity and richness of Chinese contemporary art ecology with its independent perspectives.